Children Tournament 7.June.2019

Contributions to the 3rd international BEACH BALON CUP tournament are ready, so the time has come to take advantage of the popularity of the tournament to promote and acquaint the youth with this attractive NOcontact summer sport that is increasingly popular in the world.

We work to develop and make the beachhandball more visible and show fun in this beautiful sport. So we are prepare a one-day tournament for young people under the age of 13, which we are just introducing to you and we are opening the registration!

“BEACH BALON CUP to children :)”

All you need to know about a one-day youth tournament find below.

When and where?

Slovakia, Bratislava, Tematinska beach area “RADOSŤ” near lake Draždiak

Who can play?

Everyone who puts together a team of children aged 13 and under with at least 5 children. Team can be with girls and boys in one.

What is the playing time of the match?
– Match will be 2x 8 minute.

Registration fee??
– Only for smile 🙂

Maximum teams in tournament?
– 12 is maximum teams on tournament.

If you have question contact us on 0910 903 191 or 0911 115 119 or write email

Tešíme sa na Vás.