Dear beachhandball friends ,

we would like to invite you to the third edition of the EBHT Beachbalon cup, which will be held at the Pan-European High School on Tematínska Street in Bratislava from 7 to 9 June. Before the tournament, the sand will warm up our “future” where I will compete for 8-13 year olds.

We are preparing 2 new playgrounds for you (we can built 3 🙂 ), full of a high-quality “joint” drink with a high B-vitamin content and excellent food. At the playground you will find the clean Lake Draždiak where you can cool off after the exhausting games.

With the help of our sponsors, we have prepared many new stands for you and the best teams will receive 1.st place 350EUR in man and 350 in women categorie. When you finish in 2. place you win 100EUR and reduction 50% starting fee for next year. For 3rd place you have to fight becouse 70EUR.

The starting fee is 70, – EUR until 30.4.2019 from 1.5.-1.6.2019 is starting fee 100, -EUR for the team.

For more info visited our page beachbalon.sk or write to us on beachbalon@gmail.com.